About us - Brief history

The Centro Clinico Diagnostico "G.B. Morgagni" Casa di Cura S.r.l. starts his activity in February 1972, following the previous experience of the ‘Casa di Cura San Giuseppe in Lavina’, which operated from 1963 to 1966 in Aci Bonaccorsi (CT); afterwards in Catania, at the current address Via del Bosco 105, until 1969, year in which the old facility was demolished and the present one was built thanks to Prof. Emilio Castorina’s donation (1900-1978). It is organized in order to operate with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in an outpatient or inpatient setting. It also has epidemiological, nosographic scientific purposes. The Center owes its name to Giambattista Morgagni. G.B. Morgagni, anatomist and medical doctor, was born in Forlì on February 25, 1682. At 19 years old he became doctor in philosophy and medicine in Bologna. In 1712 he was hired to teach medicine at the Studio Universitario in Padova.


He excelled in the anatomical studies, dealing with the structure of larynx, heart, genitals, glands and sensory organs.
He was an anatomist-pathologist and a physician, excelling in cardiac and vascular diseases. He was the first one who described the case of Anastasio Poggio, a 68-year-old priest who was diagnosed with the pathology of atrio-ventricular block, currently treated with the pacemaker, still called MAS (i.e. Morgagni Syndrome) and later associated with the names of Adams and Stokes.
His most famous work is the 5-volume work "De sedidus et causis morborum for anatomen indagatis". Morgagni’s big scientific merit was that of advocating the method of the anatomical observation to justify the symptom, in a period when medicine was dominated by abstracts concepts, more philosophical-metaphysical than pathological and anatomical.
He died on December 5, 1771.
The "Morgagni" group, which include two Treatment Institutes - the Centro Clinico Diagnostico "G.B. Morgagni" of Catania, and the 'Istituto Siciliano di Cardiochirurgia e Alta Specialità, Centro Cuore Morgagni, of Pedara - by collecting documentation of its daily clinical activity, intends to impose on itself a rigorous evaluation of the work accomplished, aiming at improving the very expression of its professional skills.
"Il Morgagni", a magazine published in Naples between 1868 and 1900 with the goal of progressing in medicine, it has been resumed, however, with a different objective, since our Journal only collects examples of the clinical experience of the two Centers. The current hospital configuration of the Morgagni group is linked to previous establishments: the Casa di Cura San Giuseppe in Lavina (Aci Bonaccorsi 1964-1968), (Catania 1968-1970); the current facility in Catania with the name C.C.D. "G.B. Morgagni", which has been operating since 1972.
Purposes of the magazine are, therefore:
1. to provide a source of stimulus and debate for both the younger and the more experienced doctors who work and commit with diligence, night and day, inside the two Centers;
2. to offer the colleagues, the Health authorities and the users of the NHS, information about our functioning. A section will also be dedicated to the rereading of passages about Pathology and Clinics by G.B. Morgagni’s "Of the premises and causes of the anatomically investigated diseases", along with articles appeared on "Il Morgagni" between 1868 and 1900, with the purpose of reflecting on the progress of the Medical Science and on the individuals who assess it.